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Faith is the pillar which supports life.

Without faith, there can be no religion.

Faith is important if you want to believe in something.

You can’t achieve greatness without faith.

Faith is the most important factor in a relationship.

Faith has the power to create as well as the power to destroy.

Faith can start wars and has the power to end them as well.

Fighting with your faith is the greatest kind of fight there is.

Faith is a by-product of a doubt. Without doubt, you cannot prove faith.

Faith is for the open minded. A close minded person houses ego.

Faith can bring an entire race together but can also separate two brothers.

Faith has a special power to heal all kinds of wounds.

We are nothing but a walking shadows if it wasn’t for faith.

Faith is tested in moments where you have been abandoned by everyone.

Believing in something and having faith in something are two different things.

Faith more than often brings out the best in you.
Magar Hamara Dil Kahan Se Layega

Faith, if uncontrolled, can infect everyone around you.

You cannot expect others to have faith in you if you don’t have it yourself.

Great and wise men have always experimented with faith and become succesful because of it.

Faith is our greatest weapon to fight all the challenges in life.

Having faith in what you do can lead you to success.

Faith has to be mutual in a relationship to succeed.

Laziness sprouts in the absence of faith.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is having faith in yourself.

Faith in something will make you go to the extremes to achieve what you want.

Faith is not physical. It cannot be found if one does not look for it inside himself first.

Faith is one of the many sides of universal love.

Faith has to be true. Fake faith is almost as good as no faith.

Faith is about believing and loving yourself.

Faith does not always have to concern God. It can be found even in the smallest and simplest things.

There is no greater joy than the joy you get when you are faithful to someone or something to such an extreme that you would give your life to achieve it.

Success from faith is the best kind of success there is.

Faith only requires you to believe in yourself. The product of that belief makes the world follow.

Faith has to be maintained without any expectations.

Faith has a lot of minor downsides but the best of upsides.

The true strength of faith is known when the world is against you.